1300 infected in three days.

The Kumbh of the ascetics was also completed with the royal bath of Aries Sankranti in Mahakumbh. At the same time, a saint has requested the sector magistrate to withdraw the facilities given by the fair administration. Many Saints will start leaving the cantonments from Thursday. At the same time, amid the increasing prevalence of Kovid infection, the speculation of Kumbh termination is also intensifying.

14 lakhs take a dip on the third royal bath, 1300 infected in three days
The main royal bath of the Kumbh Mela was completed in a safe and orderly manner. More than 13 lakh 50 thousand devotees took a holy dip in the Ganges on the bathing festival. In the last three days, 1300 people were hit by Corona at Kumbh Mela, out of which 18 saints and mahatmas were not spared by the disease. On Tuesday, 9 Mahatmas got infected and before that, the same saint suffered from Corona infection.

49,31,343 saints and devotees have taken a dip in the last three baths in Haridwar. Among them 1854 devotees, saints and employees associated with the fair have been infected. The fair police released the figures on Wednesday after questions were raised over the number of devotees taking a bath along with the Kumbh event in the shadow of Covid. According to the police, more than one crore people took a dip in the Ganges from Makar Sankranti to the royal bath of Aries Sankranti.

The Kumbh Adhikauna continues from April 1 and the period is till April 30. Meanwhile, Corona has started to wreak havoc. The infection is spreading rapidly as congestion increases. The royal bath of Aries Sankranti has successfully completed the biggest bath of Kumbh. Now the royal bath is to be held on Ramnavami and on April 27, Chaitra Purnima. On 27th, in Chaitra Purnima bath, only Bairagi take bath.
Figure of bath of devotees
– Makar Sankranti festival 7,11,970
– Mouni Amavasya 3,76,725
– Basant Panchami 2,38,531
– Magha Purnima 6,37,000
– Mahashivratri 32,37,000
– Somvati Amavasya 31,23,000
– New Year 4,56,712
– Aries Solstice 13,51,631
Total one crore one lakh 32 thousand 569

Covid-19 Investigation on the Border in Kumbh Period
– Total test: 154467
– Total positives were found: 222
– Devotees who went back for not taking the test: 56615
– Vehicles returned from the border: 9786
– Invoices without masks: 2641
– Invoice without social distancing: 2342

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