The Mela administration is fully prepared for the upcoming 2021 Kumbh event.

Development works related to Kumbh are being conducted on a war footing. Work will be completed by 31 December. For the pilgrims arriving during Kumbh, 40 per cent has been released for the Rs 1 crore allocated for the expansion of public facilities in 13 akharas.

With this, the process of allotment of public facilities in the arena has also started the process of allotment of land for the tent tents. The Mahakumbh will be divine and grand in the circumstances so far. In case of future corona cases will be organized according to the government’s guide line.
Mela officer Deepak Rawat told in conversation that beautification of Ganga Ghats, widening of Kavand Patti Marg, Garden to attract devotees in CCR area, wall painting on main highway to Kawand Patti avenues and Uttarakhand’s cultural and religious faith on walls Attractive art works related to
Ramayana is being written on many walls. The buildings of the fair area are being painted in one color. All major intersections are being beautified. The faith path is being prepared. Which will connect Deendayal parking with Chandi bridge. Open theaters are being built, where Mahakumbh will have programs in the open.

Aim to complete all tasks by 31 December:
Deepak Rawat told that the fair administration is working with the goal of completing all the works by 31 December. Manpower has been increased on many large projects. He said that due to the current circumstances of Covid 19, this time on the lines of the previous Kumbh, the crowd of devotees may be less, but there will be no reduction in the grandeur of Kumbh.

He told that what will be the circumstances of Covid 19 in future, the government will issue a guide line accordingly. The government’s guide line will be followed.

According to Mela Police IG Sanjay Gunjyal, the police is also fully ready to organize Kumbh. If the current conditions of Covid are in place, then contact tracing will be increased in Kumbh with social distancing and complying with the imperative of masks.

According to the existing conditions, Aquarius will be divine and grand. The fair administration is busy in preparations. By the time Kumbh draws near, the risk of Covid 19 increases, then the government’s guide lines will be followed.
– Deepak Rawat, Fair Officer

The police is ready. 29 police stations and 29 sectors will be set up. The process of duty allocation has started from the headquarters level. Contact tracing will be increased with social distancing and the imperative of masks.
– Sanjay Gunjyal, IG Fair

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