Now only 50 people will be able to attend the wedding.

The Uttarakhand government has issued new guidelines on Sunday to curb the corona infection. Under which now only 50 people will be able to attend public events and weddings.

According to the present condition of the districts, all district officers will be authorized to impose curfew or enforce strict rules in their districts at their discretion. But it should be ensured that industry, carriage, construction work and other essential services are operated uninterruptedly.

The order also states that those who have undergone RT-PCR test will isolate themselves till the report arrives and follow the Covid rules.

The order regarding prevention of second wave of corona infection has been issued by Additional Secretary Radha Raturi on Sunday.

Those coming to Uttarakhand now require registration:
It is now necessary for those coming to Uttarakhand from other states to register on the Smart City website. On Sunday, the Department of Transport has issued an advisory in this regard. Registration of all passengers of any passenger vehicle in any district of Uttarakhand is required on this website.

The Department of Transportation has also released a QR code on the Smart City website on Sunday. Everyone has to scan this QR code through their mobile. After this, all your information has to be filled on the website. According to the Transport Department, if any passenger vehicle enters the boundary of Uttarakhand, then it will have to register. Without registration, no traveler will get admission in Uttarakhand.

Ban on teachers coming to school for online studies:
Uttarakhand government has prohibited teachers coming to school for online studies. Education Secretary R Minakshi Sundaram has said that no teacher can be forced to come to school.

Government officials and employees will have to pay the tuition fees of private schools regularly:
State government officials and employees will have to pay tuition fees of private schools regularly. The order has been issued by the government.

At the same time, in the case of other students, the schools will not be able to pressure the children for tuition fees. If a student does not pay tuition fees on time, the student will not be dropped out of the school despite such a situation.

Uttarakhand Board 12th exam date will be declared on June 1:
The proposed examination of Uttarakhand Board 12th to May 22 has been postponed. After which, given the circumstances, the new date of this examination will be announced on June 1. An order in this regard has been issued by Education Secretary R Meenakshi Sundaram.

It has been said in the order that in view of increasing cases of corona infection in the state, the proposed 12th examination of Uttarakhand Board from May 4 to 22 has been postponed and the examination of class 10 has been canceled. The new date of the 12th examination will be announced on June 1, 2021, given the circumstances.

While the Uttarakhand Vidyalaya Shiksha Parishad Ramnagar Nainital will set a separate objective criteria for declaring the results of the canceled Uttarakhand Board’s 10th exam. If any student or student of class 10 wants to take the exam, then they will be given the opportunity to appear in the exam in future.

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