After the leak from the lake, now the danger is averted: Maharaj

Dehradun. The state’s Tourism, Irrigation and Culture Minister Satpal Maharaj has said that after the tragedy, water has started to leak from the lake on the river Rishi Ganga, so we need not fear.
State Tourism, Irrigation and Culture Minister Satpal Maharaj said that after the debris deposited on the Rishi Ganga river near Pachli village, about 9 km above Reni village, water has slowly started to leak from the lake. So there is no need to be afraid anymore. Maharaj said that the government is constantly trying to find the people trapped in the tunnel. Search operation is being performed. After the bridge overflowed in the Rishi Ganga disaster near Reni village on Joshimath-Malari highway, the work of setting up Valley Bridge has been started here. The movement of rural areas through the trolley has been resumed due to the flow of pools on the Rishi Ganga and Alaknanda. Irrigation Minister Satpal Maharaj said that the Wadia geologists are keeping an eye on the condition of the lake through remote sensing. Sage Ganga has also been asked to keep an eye on the artificial lake through a drone. Maharaj said that all the officers, employees and agencies engaged in rescue work should understand the mood of the families of those trapped in the disaster and carry out relief and rescue operations. He said that the onset of water leakage from the lake is a sign that now the danger has been averted and certainly we can say that the situation will be normal in a couple of days.

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