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Decision on the age limit for commercial vehicles running in Uttarakhand will be decided on 18 December.

This decision will be taken in the meeting of the State Transport Authority under the order regarding age limit from the High Court. At the same time, there is going to be some relief for the operation of taxis in the neighboring states.

The High Court recently issued an order under which the state does not have the authority to set the age limit of vehicles. This right is only with the center. Several orders regarding age limit have been issued by the state government in the past. In view of the orders of the High Court, a decision will be taken regarding the age limit of vehicles in the STA meeting. The decision regarding the age limit will affect the lakh commercial vehicle owners in the state.
The fare of electric buses plying in Dehradun will be decided at the STA meeting. The first electric bus has come under the Smart City Project in Dehradun. 30 buses are to operate in Doon City. Deputy Transport Commissioner SK Singh said that in the sequence of the High Court order for the STA meeting, decisions regarding the age limit of commercial vehicles as well as the transport agreement of neighboring states will be taken.

Decision on taxi operation in UP-Himachal can come:
An important decision may also be taken in the STA meeting regarding taxi operations in UP and Himachal. Actually, so far there is only provision of All India Permit for taxi operations in other states. Uttarakhand has transport agreements with UP and Himachal. Under this agreement, an important decision can be taken between the three states regarding the permit to operate a taxi.

Rules will also be made for school buses:
As of now, there is no rule regarding the operation of school buses in the areas connected by the boundaries of Uttarakhand. There are problems in getting school buses from other states which are bordering districts. Therefore, an important decision may also be taken in this direction. This will provide relief to school bus operators.

Proposal will go through RTO on rent of Vikrams:
In Dehradun, a committee has been constituted by RTO Administration DC Pathoi for the fare of Vikrams running on different routes. This committee will submit its report to the RTO after conducting surveys on various routes. This report from RTO will be sent to STA. On this basis, some decisions can be made on the rent of Vikrams. However, the fare of Vikrams was revised in the past.