Animal Husbandry Department of Uttarakhand issued guidelines

The Animal Husbandry Department has issued a guideline to all districts regarding bird flu in the state. At the same time, the Chief Veterinary Officers have been instructed to monitor the poultry farm through the rapid response team formed at the block level.

Instructions have been given that if a matter comes to light, then take a sample and send it to Bhopal for investigation. Director of Animal Husbandry Dr. KK Joshi said that no cases of bird flu have been reported so far in the state, but as a precaution, guidelines have been issued to all the districts by the department. In particular, instructions have been given to take special precautions regarding poultry form.

Forest department responsible for prevention:
The forest department is currently under relief from not having a single bird flu case. The investigation of wetland or wetland by the forest department continued. However, this task is not proving easy for the forest department.

There are more than 900 wetlands in the state and these are important in terms of migratory birds like Asan Barrage, Jhilmil etc. Migratory birds of 19 breed arrive every year in the Mutabatik Asan Barrage of the Forest Department. Their number often exceeds six thousand. It is being told that bird flu infection is more likely than migratory birds. This is also the time for these birds to move from one place to another.

Not a single case found yet:
Chief Wildlife Guardian JS Suhag said that the forest department remained fully active on Tuesday and not a single case came up. If a case arises, it has been asked to report in half an hour.

No seriousness on the center’s guideline:
The bitter truth is that the government department has not been very active yet with the guidelines issued by the central government. The guidelines also include identifying the bird flu, informing people of the symptoms emerging when infected with the H1N5 virus. Departments have not yet started work on it.

Information about chicken enclosures is also being taken:
According to Chief Wildlife Protector JS Suhag, hen enclosures, ducks etc. are also being monitored. In the neighboring state of Himachal, additional vigilance is necessary as a case of infection arises. The forest department is fully alert and constantly monitored.

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