He can only be called the anonymous Messiah.

These are neither Dhannaseth nor members of any trained NGO. Nor does he have any political plan in his mind. They do not even crave to earn a name or get a prize.

He can only be called the anonymous Messiah, whose heart beats only for humanity … and only for humanity. Some laborers from Sidul, an industrial area in Haridwar, became distressed by the agony of the Corona period and formed a group of 30 factory workers and became helpers to the needy.

There is a general belief that in Dharmanagri Haridwar, rich people and monks do not sleep hungry. The stomachs of the homeless and those who live on the pavements are filled due to the everlasting langers, but do not sleep in the bitter cold. They tremble all night.
Thirty employees of SIDCUL have emerged as Messiahs to help the cold-sheltered homeless people. Employees collect one thousand rupees from their salary every month from the lockdown period itself. After distributing food and medicine to the needy from the funds collected, they are now distributing blankets, socks and caps.
Raising money was a big challenge.
Rajesh Verma, who started the campaign, works in a factory in Sidakul. Rajesh, originally a resident of Bundalshahar, says that the situation born in the lockdown shook him. With the onset of the Corona transition, their residential area became Dheerwali Content Zone. Just outside their house, two women police personnel were on duty at the barrier.

Police personnel were longing for food and water. Wife got food cooked for them. The heart was relieved to see happiness on the faces of police personnel. From that day itself, made up my mind to serve the needy. Rajesh says, with limited salary, household and family hardly pass away. Did not give up and shared my talk with some friends working in different factories of Sidkul.

Everyone agreed, raising money in the event of almost fakery was a big challenge. But I was determined that why not take the help of social media. Formed a group on whatsapp Added acquaintances and friends to the group. Every month, every month, salary was requested to be donated for public service. Some people left the group due to insistence. But some new partners also joined.

This group stays away from appearances:
Manoj Rawat of Rudraprayag says that as soon as this group of 20 people connected, they started distributing food and medicines in lockdown. Now the group has thirty active members. All donate one thousand rupees every month.

Manoj Rawat says that the cold has started. The blankets of winter are distributing blankets to the people. After doing duty in factories, go home and determine the route of public service in the group itself. Gives blankets, hats and socks to the needy.
For the moment, this group, which is quietly doing its work, stays away from appearances. According to Manoj, people associated with the group are native to Punjab, Rajasthan, Delhi, UP and Uttarakhand. In future, there are plans to marry daughters of poor families and to distribute medicines in the treatment of poor people.

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