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Former army officers will start centuries-old tradition

Injured by the plight of the Ganges, some former military officers of the Indian Army have launched a campaign to return the pure holy form of the Ganges. For this, they have decided to do Mundmal Ganga Parikrama in collaboration with the general public.

Starting from Prayagraj on the next December 16, going through Ganga Sagar and Gomukh, this Parikrama Padayatra will be completed in Prayagraj on August 15 next year. In the meantime, a detailed report will be submitted to the government, including pollution from the Ganges, and suggestions of the Ganga coast dwellers.
Convenor of Mundmal Ganga Parikrama Padayatra, Colonel (Seni) Manoj Keshwar said that in Hinduism, Ganga is considered as a sacred pilgrimage. It is also a life-partner.
Over the years, heavy pollution has put a crisis on the existence of Ganga. Seeing this, eminent mountaineer Gopal Sharma, Lt. Corner Hem Lohumi, etc. Former army officers of the Indian Army have waged a campaign to form the Incredible Ganga Trust and return it to its pure form.

The tradition of Mundmal Parikrama of Ganga was centuries ago:
Manoj Keshwar told that centuries ago, there was a tradition of Mundmal Parikrama of Ganga, which is now extinct. After about a thousand years now, reviving this tradition under the Incredible Ganga, it has been decided to do Mundmal Ganga Parikrama this time.

This Parikrama Padayatra will begin from Prayagraj on 16 December. Walking from the left end of the Ganges, the padyatra will reach the Ganga Sagar and from there the right end of the river will go back to Gomukh, the origin of the Ganges. On 15 August 2021, going from Gomukh to Ganga again, will conclude at Prayagraj. In this way, the clockwise circumambulation of the Ganges will be done according to religious traditions.

During the padyatra, people will be communicated in all the cities, towns and villages on the banks of the Ganges. Also, by identifying the factors of pollution in the Ganges, people will also be made aware of its rescue.

Along with this, large plantations will also be done on the banks of the Ganges. He informed that after completion of the padyatra, a detailed report will be prepared and submitted to the government. So that concerted efforts can be made to save the existence of Ganga.

5100 km Seven pedestrians will walk around the circuit:
A total of 5100 km in the Mundmal Ganga Parikrama Padayatra under the Incredible Ganga. The distance will be covered on foot. Colonel (seni) RP Pandey, Hiren Patel, Lt Gen (seni) SA Cruise, Shagun Tyagi, Rohit Kumar, Rohit Umrao and Indu will undertake the entire padyatra.

While en route, about twenty thousand people will join small parts of the padyatra with them. This padyatra will enter Uttarakhand in late April 2021. The circumambulation walk will be supported by the Nehru Mountaineering Institute and the Snow Spider Tracking and Mountaineering Agency here.