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Route, fare and color of the riding vehicles will be determined.

IG Kumbh Sanjay Gunjyal held a meeting with office-bearers of auto rickshaws, Vikram and e-rickshaw associations regarding arrangements for the upcoming Kumbh Mela. The IG, after hearing the suggestions of the officials, said that there would be no passenger stand in the core area around Harki Paidi. Route, fare and color of the riding vehicles will be determined. Charger points will be installed for battery operated e-rickshaws.

After hearing suggestions at the meeting held in the auditorium of the fair control building on Tuesday, the IG said that auto rickshaws, Vikram and e-rickshaw drivers are important stake holders in the fair. It is not possible to operate traffic arrangements without their help. He said that there is a core area around Harki Paidi. It is not possible to build a passenger stand here due to the crowd of devotees. It may be considered to construct a passenger stand excluding the core area. Unnecessary traffic restrictions will not apply if the crowd remains low on other days except the bathing festivals.

The IG said that plans are being considered to operate auto, Vikram and e-rickshaws in addition to the scheduled bus parking during the Kumbh and the shuttle bus service to bring and return pilgrims from the railway station to the nearest ghat. Under the scheme, the number and fare of vehicles to be operated will be determined by deciding the route from each parking and railway station to the nearest ghat. Different color schemes will be applied for each route. During the fair, charging points of e-rickshaws will be made temporarily in all the scheduled parking for charging e-rickshaws to be used in shuttle service.
IG Gunjyal said that traffic plans can be changed from time to time in view of congestion. Vehicles charging more than the prescribed fare, overloading and not following the standards will be seized from the pilgrims. SSP Kumbh Janmejaya Khanduri said that there could be no complete ban on outdoor vehicles, an effort would be made to create effective arrangements for their streamlined operations.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Traffic Prakash Deoli said that traffic may have to be closed on any route if there are any contingencies during the fair. In such a situation, the cooperation of the drivers will be necessary. Changes in the traffic plan will be given to the drivers ahead of time. Panchpuri Auto Rickshaw Vikram Mahasangh Satya Narayan Sharma said that during the fair, two or two officers of the Sangh will be posted at sensitive places from the point of view of traffic. The fair will coordinate between the police and auto, e-rickshaws, Vikram drivers and make arrangements smooth.

The driver will inevitably wear a mask:
IG Sanjay Gunjyal said that every driver would be sure to wear a mask in view of the coronary. Will follow the rules of rescue from Corona and also get passengers done. Auto rickshaws, Vikram and e-rickshaw drivers will have to paste posters related to police instructions regarding the safety and security system from Corona on their vehicles.

Passenger stands are less in Haridwar city. On the bathing festival, there is difficulty in seating and carrying passengers. Traffic is interrupted by auto, Vikram drivers stopping and stopping vehicles at different places. Adequate number of passenger stands should be constructed in urban areas.
– Satyanarayan Sharma, Panchpuri Auto Rickshaw Vikram Federation

During the fair, a pass system for vehicle drivers should be implemented so that operations can be conducted in an orderly manner. Uncontrolled operation of vehicles coming from outside could also be stopped during the fair.
– Ashok Kumar President E-Rickshaw Drivers Association
Traders will take Mahakumbh bath on January 14
State Business Board President Sanjeev Chaudhary said that traders will take Mahakumbh bath on Harki Paidi on January 14. Sanjeev Chaudhary said that the state government has demanded the notification of Maha Kumbh in January. At the same time, the Akhil Bhartiya Akhara Parishad and Shri Ganga Sabha have appealed to support the demand of traders.

At the meeting of the State Business Board on Tuesday at the Subhash Ghat, the President of the State Business Board, Sanjeev Chaudhary said that the year 2020 has passed the Corona period. The shops of merchants in Dharmanagri were lying unoccupied throughout the year. He said that now the government wanted to cover Mahakumbh in two months. Due to which the number of passengers will also be affected. Sanjeev Chaudhary said that during the Mahakumbh, the businessman hoping to trade will be completely ruined.

He said that on January 14, the traders of Dharmanagri would take a mahayatra and take the first bath of Mahakumbh. Apart from this, Yajna Shuddhi Yagya of the government will be done. The traders have demanded a sacrifice from the Akhil Bhartiya Akhara Parishad’s office bearers, saints, Sri Ganga Sabha office-bearers, traders and common people in support of the demand.

City President Kankhal and Metropolitan General Secretary Sumit Arora told that thousands of traders and common people from different Kshatra including Kankhal would join the yatra and take a bath in the Ganges. Former Youth City President Vishalamurthy Bhatt, Praveen Sharma, District Vice President Raju Wadhwa, Sarveshwar Murthy Bhatt, Sumit Sharma, Manoj Sirohi, Ashish Sharma etc. were present in the meeting.