Adorned with natural harmony, the local people have redesigned the Baba Boukh Nagaraja temple by mobilizing public support.

A three-day Yajna recitation has started in this temple from today, in which the worship of Lord Shri Krishna in the form of a snake is to be performed. It is believed that Lord Krishna arrived here before the Sem-Mukhem of Tehri district.

A grand traditional fair will also be held on 26 November, which will be the third year of Baukhnag, in which there will be a prayer offering through Jagar overnight. The villagers of 22 villages including Barkot, Mungarasati and Dashgi and Bangaon take part in this fair. The temple committee, along with the priests, the gardeners of the deity, has made full preparations for the fair.

Know recognition:
Sanjay Prasad Dimari, the deity’s gardener, says that Baba Baukhnag originated here as Basgi Nag. It is believed that Lord Krishna arrived here before the Sem-Mukhem of the Tehri district, hence a grand fair is held in Sem Mukheem one year and Boukhnag the second year. There is a round of awakenings throughout the night in Bokhnag. One has to walk four kilometers to reach Bokhnaag situated at an altitude of 10 thousand feet near the Radi Kafnaul motorway.

Construction of grand temple in collaboration with villagers of 22 villages:
This time a grand temple was constructed with the help of villagers from 22 villages. An expenditure of about Rs.15 lakhs is estimated in the construction of the temple. Jayendra Singh Rawat, president of the temple committee, says that the Baba Baukhnag temple has been renovated with the help of Raj Mistry Vikram Singh of Rourna Purola and his three other associates. The construction work of this temple started in 2016, which is now completed. He said that if the water problem in Bokhnag is resolved, then the tourists visiting Chardham can easily go here and can visit this religious and delightful place.

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