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Uttarakhand Governor Baby Rani Maurya has also been infected with Corona.

Uttarakhand Governor Baby Rani Maurya has also been infected with Corona. The Governor himself informed about this by tweeting late at night and requested the people in contact to get the test done.

According to Governor Baby Rani Maurya her corona report has come positive, but she does not have signs of corona infection. Also, she is not feeling any kind of trouble either.
The governor said that after the report came out positive, he isolated himself under the supervision of doctors. Through this tweet, the Governor has also urged the people who have come in contact with him in the last few days to get an inquiry.

According to the information received from the Raj Bhavan, the Governor regularly undergoes health tests. In the past, after some people came to Corona positive in Raj Bhavan, they got their investigation done.

64278 samples examined in seven days, 2788 infected:
To prevent corona infection, claims are being made by the government to continuously increase sampling, but within a month, the lowest number of samples in a week was examined. If the sample investigation increases, then the number of infected people will also increase. Eight thousand fewer samples were tested this week than in the previous week.

The time of 252 days i.e. 36 weeks has passed in the state of Corona. 12.36 lakh samples have been tested since the first infected patient was found in the state. Last week 72173 samples were tested in the state and 2966 people were found infected, while 2332 patients were cured.

But in the 36th week from November 15 to 21, a total of 64278 samples were examined. Of which 2788 people were found to be Corona positive. At the same time, 2955 patients have been cured. A month ago on October 24, 85110 samples were tested in a week. Thereafter, the investigation gradually decreased. Currently more than 17 thousand samples are awaiting investigation.

Anoop Nautiyal, founder of the Social Development for Community Foundation, which is studying corona statistics, says corona infection is at increased risk. Special attention needs to be given to increasing sample testing to prevent infection.