General Knowledge

The valleys of Badrinath Dham will be closed for the winter on Thursday.

The media in-charge of the Devasthanam Board, Dr. Harish Gaur, told that the process of closing the doors will start from 1.30 pm, after which the doors of the temple will be closed at 3:35 pm.

He told that the temple is decorated with flowers. So far, one lakh 38 thousand devotees have reached Dham in this season. Three thousand devotees are expected to be present during the closure of the kapat.
Kadai bhog was organized at the Lakshmi temple as part of the process of closure of Badrinath Dham. This bhog was offered to Lakshmi Mata and this bhog was distributed to the devotees as a Prasad.
Before the closure of the kapat, Rawal (Chief Priest) of Badrinath, Ishwar Prasad Namboodari will keep the idol of Mata Lakshmi in the Badrinath sanctum and the idols of Uddhav and Kubera will be brought out of the Badrish Panchayat (sanctum sanctorum) and placed in the festive doli and brought to Pandukeshwar.