Big Breaking:- Chief Minister Dhami’s preparation, soon there will be a big reshuffle from districts to police headquarters

More than two dozen IAS officers were transferred in Uttarakhand, after that the transfers of IPS officers have been monitored, it is believed that soon their transfer list will also be issued at the government level. Looking a little different about the bureaucracy, there was a reshuffle in the departments of two dozen IAS officers on Monday, after that now the eyes are on the transfers of the police magma.

In fact, the police department has not been transferred for a long time, due to Kumbh, the government transferred the police department in B.Sc. It is being said that after giving the responsibility of the department to an officer of the level of Additional Chief Secretary to see the ongoing transfers in the police, its possibility has increased, along with this, now there is also a flurry about the transfers of the officers of the Provincial Civil Service and the Provincial Police Service. sources have accelerated If we believe that in this regard, letters have also started being made in the Personnel and Home Department.

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