Big Breaking: – Now in Uttarakhand, Corona’s Delta Plus sub-variant AY .2 got infected in three.

Of the 15 samples sent to the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) in July for confirmation of the DeltaPlus variant, the DeltaPlus sub-variant AY.2 was found in three. There are two hot water and one patient in it. However, the Delta Plus variant is not found in any. Samples of relatives of positive patients and people who came in contact were also taken, but the reports of all were negative. Was. None has been confirmed in the Delta Plus variant. Now the three patients in whom AY.2 has been confirmed had mild symptoms of corona.

The patients are now completely healthy. Samples of all three will be sent again for examination. He told that the samples of MBBS students of Medical College will also be sent to NCDC for confirmation of variants. Nursing classes also closed for two days.
Nursing classes have also been postponed for two days after MBBS students in the medical college came to Kovid positive. Nursing students will also be tested for Covid. On August 24, the first year MBBS students of the Government Medical College came to Kovid positive. After this, samples of students were done and so far 19 students have turned out to be Kovid positive. A female attendant has also come Kovid positive. On Monday, samples of 150 people were sent for Kovid test. The Government Medical College management is awaiting the report. Medical College Principal Dr. Arun Joshi told that nursing classes have also been postponed for two days. Samples of more than two hundred and fifty students of nursing will also be sent for examination. Dr. Joshi said that samples of personnel will also be sent for examination. Also, samples are being sent to NCDC for confirmation of the Delta Plus variant.

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