Big initiative to implement Uniform Civil Code in Uttarakhand

The BJP’s state government, which came to power after winning the assembly elections for the second time in a row, has taken a big initiative in the direction of implementing Uniform Civil Code in Uttarakhand after almost two months. In order to fulfill the promise of implementing the Uniform Civil Code made during the assembly elections, the BJP government of the state has constituted an expert committee and has given a clear message that it is serious about this subject. This step of the Dhami government is being considered very important not only from the point of view of the state, but also from the politics of the country.
Ahead of the assembly elections held in March, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami had announced that a Uniform Civil Code would be implemented in Uttarakhand if the BJP came to power again. The discussion on Uniform Civil Code is going on in Uttarakhand for a long time. After the BJP came to power in 2017 with a three-fourth majority, intellectuals began to seriously consider its possibility. The reason for this was believed that this legal provision can play an important role in preserving the nature of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand. Gradually this discussion became a political issue.
Meanwhile, in Uttarakhand, the issue went to the margins when the issue of Uniform Civil Code being implemented at the central government level arose. At the time of assembly elections about four months ago, when Chief Minister Dhami displayed his intention to implement Uniform Civil Code, the Congress was ridiculed by saying that it was a matter of the Center and the state government could not interfere in it. Congress leaders did not even delay in taking a dig that the BJP does not have knowledge of the constitutional process.
However, after studying the announcement made by the Chief Minister before the election, the legal experts, after studying it, are of the opinion that some provisions of the Uniform Civil Code can also be prescribed at the level of the State Government. This boosted the morale of BJP. The result was that when the BJP returned to power after winning two-thirds of the seats in the assembly elections, the party made it clear that the government would soon take steps in this direction. Immediately after taking oath as the Chief Minister for the second time, in the very first cabinet meeting chaired by Pushkar Singh Dhami, the proposal of forming an expert committee to prepare the draft of Uniform Civil Code, showing commitment to implement Uniform Civil Code in the state, was approved. was given.
Nearly two months after the cabinet’s approval, the government has now constituted an expert committee headed by a retired Supreme Court judge. It is important that these days Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami himself is playing the battle of Champawat assembly by-election. From this point of view also many implications of this decision of the government are being drawn. With the BJP government of Uttarakhand taking steps to implement a Uniform Civil Code, other BJP ruled states may also follow suit in the near future.

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