Big news: Work division of these officers in CM Dhami’s office. Got this important responsibility. View order.

To deal with all the work of the Chief Minister’s Secretariat expeditiously and smoothly, the work has been divided among the officers posted there. is
Additional Chief Secretary Radha Raturi has been entrusted with important tasks related to the President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and all the ministers of the Government of India, Chief Ministers of other states and high level officials, coordination and IPS infrastructure.

Special Principal Secretary Abhinav Kumar has been entrusted with the work related to wide publicity of various development and government works through various media systems (like electronic, print, social etc.).

All other works except for the establishment (promotion / posting) of IPS under the Home Department, Disaster Management, Culture and Endowment, Khadi Village Industries, Census, Reorganization Language, Information and Public Relations Department, Information, Protocol, State Property, Sports and Youth Welfare Ayush and Ayush Education Department has also been entrusted.

Secretary R Meenakshi Sundaram will look after the discretionary fund. Along with this, all the files related to PWD Civil Aviation Energy and the assigned work will be taken to the CM from time to time.

Secretary Shailesh Bagauli has been entrusted with all the responsibility and files related to the post of Minister of Urban Development, Housing, Finance and Secret. The same secretary in-charge SN Pandey will work according to the announcement of the CM and the decisions taken in the meetings and will present the files of the Personnel Secretariat administration before the CM.

Radha’s link officer will be Abhinav, Abhinav’s Meenakshi-Meenakshi’s Shailesh Bagauli-Sailesh’s SN Pandey-SN’s Shailesh. In each other’s absence, these officers will take care of each other’s work.

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