On the last day, a training program was organized at the training center at Hayo Tagri.

The ongoing training program by the BJP at 11 Shakti Kendras of Sahia Mandal came to an end on Saturday. On the last day, a training program was organized at the training center at Hayo Tagri. Divisional President Amar Singh Chauhan and Tribal Front District President Ramesh Chauhan called upon the workers to get ready for the 2022 assembly elections. He said that the public welfare schemes of the state government should be extended to the people. Former Kalsi block chief Kamla Chauhan, Garhwal Mahila Mandal Morcha president Jayanti Patwal, Ramesh Chauhan, Sanjay Sharma, Gopal Das, Narendra Chauhan, Puran Singh and Atar Singh were present on the occasion.
A workshop of Shakti Kendras was also organized at Suddhowala. As a keynote speaker, District General Secretary of Mahila Morcha, Anita Saxena attended. MLA Sahdev Pundir, Divisional President Sukhdev Singh Farswan, Shakti Center Convenor Narendra, Divisional General Secretary Anoop Semwal were present on the occasion.

BJP’s Nyaya Panchayat level meeting was also held in Block Auditorium in Kalsi. In this, the booth president and party officials attended. As a keynote speaker, BJP’s spokesperson Naveen Thakur attended. Senior Deputy Chief Bhim Singh Chauhan, Junior Deputy Chief Ritesh, Divisional President Datram Sharma, Principal Organization President Jawahar Singh Chakha, Virendra Singh Chauhan, Kundan Singh Chauhan, Ravi Verma, Suresh Rawat, Ravita Chauhan and Bhagirathi Bhatt were present on the occasion.
On the other hand, booth president and party workers associated with Nyaya Panchayat Rangeu attended the meeting of Shakti Kendra held in Chakrata. The meeting was chaired by Divisional President Monica Agarwal. Jawahar Singh Negi, General Ministers Kripal Negi, Dewan Rana, Jajveer Chauhan, Ravi Rajguru, Sharmila Joshi, Shyam Singh Chauhan, Billo Singh, Anand Negi, Sandeep and Pitambar were present on the occasion.

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