Congress lost the semi-finals.

In the Salt by-election, which is being considered a semi-final before the upcoming assembly elections in Uttarakhand, the BJP defeated the Congress claiming victory by citing people’s displeasure with the government as a basis. The BJP candidate got votes from almost every constituency, and it was also clear with an edge in every phase.

The BJP had already killed half the ground by fielding Mahesh Jeena on the vacant Salt seat due to the demise of BJP MLA Surendra Singh Jeena. It was not that the Congress did not realize this. Former Uttarakhand Chief Minister and Congress National General Secretary Harish Rawat tried his best to get this card on his behalf. Ignoring the advice of the doctors, Rawat held fast-paced public meetings on the last day of campaigning and tried his best to win over the voters.

Even Harish Rawat had associated this by-election with his credibility, taking a risk. State in-charge Devendra Yadav himself and Congress state president Pritam Singh continued to be active in the area. This was probably the first by-election in which the entire machinery of the Congress was fully active. The incharge himself remained in the salt till the last day of the campaign. With this activism, the Congress had full confidence in the public’s displeasure with the ruling party.

At the same time, riding on the sympathy wave, the BJP also left no stone unturned on its part. BJP had already made its strategy clear by fielding Surendra Jeena’s brother Mahesh Jeena. After this, Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat also retained the memory of Surendra Singh Jeena, seeking votes for Mahesh Jeena. Surendra Singh Jeena was in the fray and in the 2022 election he was also set to enter the fray again. At the same time, BJP state president Madan Kaushik and other CMs of BJP including former CM Trivendra Rawat had also put full emphasis in this election.
Now the by-elections and assembly elections will be different
The result of this by-election has reduced the fear of resentment among the people in the ruling party to a great extent. Now Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat himself will be able to take the field with increased morale. The BJP may now try to run a gallop on the by-election of the Tehri Lok Sabha, the by-election for the vacant Gangotri assembly seat and a straight line of election for the Chief Minister.

Expect congress
There will be no sympathy factor in the byelection. In Corona and other cases, people’s resentment and outspokenness will come to the fore. In such a situation, the Congress will get ease in the forthcoming elections.

BJP’s hope
People have proved that they are satisfied with the work of the government. BJP’s morale has also increased with all-round support in the by-election. The performance of the BJP will improve further in the coming elections.

Even if the sun goes into astrology, it is still dignified. Congress accepts this mandate. The Congress fought hard and contested. The ruling party made the election of money power.
– Harish Rawat, former CM and National General Secretary of Congress

We accept this mandate. The Congress fought the elections in solidarity and full force. We had said that the Chief Minister should contest the election and save the state from another by-election during this corona period. Yet the Congress lost the election due to a sympathy wave. There is so much that there is resentment among the people towards the ruling party. It is clear from this by-election.
– Devendra Yadav, Congress in-charge of the state

This is a victory not only of BJP, but also of people’s aspirations. The development of the region will get momentum on the pretext of BJP candidate Mahesh Jeena.
-Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, Union Education Minister and Haridwar MP of BJP

The public has given a clear message that it is in favor of continuing the Vikas Yatra. The BJP is now tasked with fulfilling the unfulfilled dreams of late Jina. The party has also made this promise to the public in the by-elections.
– Madan Kaushik, BJP State President

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