BJP state president Mahendra Bhatt retaliated, saying Congress is the father of scams in Uttarakhand

The BJP has reacted sharply to the statements made by the leaders in Delhi regarding the issue of irregularities in various recruitments in Uttarakhand. BJP state president Mahendra Bhatt said that the Congress has been the father of scams in the state, while the BJP is working in the spirit that where and when the disturbances happened, it should be investigated.
He said that the BJP government is trying to get justice for the unemployed by investigating the scams, while the Congress’s aim is only to do politics and rehabilitate itself in this too. She is not concerned about the interests of the unemployed and she is just showing off in this matter.
BJP state president Bhatt said that the Chief Minister has already made it clear that in whatever period the scam happened, it would be investigated. He said that instead of appreciating the better performance of the STF engaged in investigating the irregularities in the examinations of the Subordinate Services Selection Commission, the Congress is questioning its intention, while the BJP has shown moral courage and itself has come forward to investigate. The Congress, which has created a ruckus on the appointments made in the Assembly, needs to think that when 158 appointments were made in the Assembly during the tenure of its government, it was trying to justify them. Then 13 persons of the family including the son and daughter-in-law of the then Speaker of the Assembly were given jobs. Apart from this, the relatives of many other Congress leaders were also given jobs in the assembly.
He said that the Chief Minister has agreed to investigate the recruitments in the Vidhan Sabha. Apart from this, the investigation of the Inspector Recruitment scam in 2015-16 has also been handed over to the Vigilance by the present government. He said that during the tenure of Congress, there were countless scams and because of this the people marginalized it.
The Congress high command kept watching the sting operation of the then Chief Minister of Congress with open eyes. In Congress times, investigation was done in its name, far only in its name. He said that if senior Congress leaders had given timely lessons to their leaders of the state, then the foundation of corruption would not have been laid.
BJP’s state media in-charge Manveer Singh Chouhan said that taking cognizance of the disturbances in the past, the government is conducting an investigation. It will set an example in future and will bring transparency in the state. He asked why the Congress central leaders preaching on corruption remained silent when their operatives were building scams in the state.

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