Cabinet meeting today, these seven issues including Mukhyamantri Samman Nidhi can be approved

In the meeting of Pushkar Singh Dhami Cabinet, the Chief Minister’s honor fund can be approved like the Prime Minister’s honor fund to provide relief to the farmers.
These issues may be stamped
In the meeting of the Cabinet (Pushkar Singh Dhami Cabinet), decisions can be taken on the points of one and a half dozen departments including education, revenue, health, agriculture, disaster management including Transport Officer Services Rules.
The state cabinet meeting started at the Secretariat at 11 am on Wednesday. Many important decisions can be taken in the meeting. In the past, there has been loss of life and property due to disaster. In the meeting, a decision will be made on taking decisions regarding disaster relief.
Cabinet ministers Ganesh Joshi Premchandra Aggarwal, Saurabh Bahuguna, Chandan Ram Das, Dhan Singh Rawat are present in the meeting.
Now an eye on obligation distribution and cabinet expansion
At the same time, after the declaration of Uttarakhand BJP’s new team (Uttarakhand BJP New Team), the party leaders have been eyeing the distribution of obligations in various corporations, authorities and commissions. It is understood that after the distribution of obligations, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami can also expand the Pushkar Singh Dhami Cabinet. This can fulfill the hope of three MLAs to become ministers.
17 leaders who were in the previous executive of the state BJP have not got a place in the new team this time. In such a situation, it is believed that these leaders can be given responsibility in the state government. Anyway, exercise has been going on for the last several days regarding the distribution of obligation, but it was postponed till the new team of the state BJP was formed.
Now that a new team has been formed, obligation is likely to be distributed soon. There is also a discussion that the list for distribution is already ready, in which some new names are added. In such a situation, the party leaders sitting hoping for responsibility are now staring at the Chief Minister.
On the other hand, three ministers posts in Dhami government are also running vacant. These posts can also be filled after the distribution of obligation. There is a discussion that in this regard in the recent Delhi tour of the Chief Minister, there has been a discussion with the central leaders of the BJP. In the political corridors, there is also a discussion of the reshuffle in the departments of some ministers, but this is less likely. The reason is that the government has just had a time of five months.

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