At Cantonment Board Clementstown, a fraudulent name has come to light.

Not one but more than 25 employees have taken loans from the bank without the approval of the CEO of the Cantt Board. This was revealed in an internal investigation conducted by the CEO. To find out on the basis of which letter, the bank has given loan to the employees, now the Cantt Board has asked all the documents related to the loan from the bank.

In fact, recently a case of taking a loan from a cooperative bank based in Premnagar city on the basis of a fake document by an employee of Clementstown Cantt Board was revealed. This was revealed when the person did not deposit the loan installment and the bank sent a letter in this regard to the Cantt Board. After this, the Cantt Board CEO conducted an internal investigation, it is learned that not one but more than 25 employees of the Cantt Board have taken loan from that bank. The rule is that whenever a Cantt Board employee takes a loan from the bank, the approval of the CEO is necessary for this, so that the installment can be deducted from the salary of the bank employee if the loan is not deposited.

Internal investigation also revealed that no approval has been given by the Cantt Board CEO. In investigation, all the sections of the Cantt Board have given in writing to the CEO that neither they have received any such letter from the bank nor any letter has been issued on their behalf. The Cantt Board has asked the bank for loan related documents to ascertain the veracity.

Suspected role of some officers of Kent Board:
In the loan fraud, even though all the employees and sections are talking about not issuing letters on their behalf, the role of some big officers of the Cantt Board itself is considered suspicious. It is being told that the relative of the person (Kamal Kumar) who took a loan by putting a fake document, is working in a big post in the Cantt Board. In such a situation, it is being said that it was fake because of the connivance of Cantt Board officials.

After the matter came to light, investigation was done. It has revealed that more than 25 employees of Cantt Board have taken loans. All sections of the Cantt Board have refused to issue any letter to the bank. Anyway, without the approval of the CEO, no employee can take a loan, but I also did not issue any letter. The documents have been sought from the bank to know on what basis the loan has been taken. If any employee is found involved in the case, he will be suspended immediately.
– Abhishek Rathore, CEO, Cantt Board Clementstown

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