challenges of Hills will also be clear in the budget

Due to the double engine that BJP registered a historic victory for the second consecutive time in the assembly elections, its first budget was clearly visible in the new government. Due to weak economy, dependence on the Center is compulsory for Uttarakhand and the government is also understanding this well, so the budget has stepped on the strategy to take maximum profit from central schemes.
The glimpse of the promises of the BJP’s vision letter at the time of assembly elections is clearly visible in the budget laws. There is a lot in the budget bundle from the city to the villages and from women to youth, ex -servicemen, farmers and weaker sections. In a way, the Dhami government has started preparing land for the general election of 2024 through this budget.

Prevention of Center’s priorities:
In the fifth assembly elections held after Uttarakhand became a separate state, the BJP hoisted the victory flag with a two-thirds majority. This was the first time when a political party won for the second consecutive time.

Under the leadership of young Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, the biggest role in this victory of BJP was the central projects being conducted in Uttarakhand. In the year 2017, the BJP formed the government with a majority of more than three-fourths. After this, Uttarakhand got the direct benefit of having BJP governments in both the Center and the state. During the last five years, more than one lakh crore development projects are being operated in Uttarakhand with the help of this double engine. The BJP directly benefited from this in the assembly elections. This is the reason that in this budget, the Dhami government has demonstrated its determination towards the priorities of the Center. The promises made by the BJP at the time of elections are seen moving towards fulfilling them.
Women, youth, ex -servicemen and farmers’ participation in this election was relatively high. For this support, the BJP government has made adequate budget practices for several important schemes including Nanda Gaura Yojana, Mukhyamantri Mahila Kalyan Yojana, Mission Shakti in the budget. Similarly, by focusing on employment and self -employment, the government tried to convey the message to the youth that it would not consider them to be mere vote bank. He is also ready to decorate the future of the youth.

Agriculture, horticulture and the procedures made in the budget for farmers are indicating that the government has prepared a strategy for their uplift keeping in mind the problems of this class. Realizing the concern about the marginal security of the Center, five districts in the budget are part of the Special Admission Budget for the development of infrastructure facilities in Chamoli, Uttarkashi, Champawat, Udham Singh Nagar and Pithoragarh. The state government has taken several steps for ex -servicemen.
Computer training, lump sum grant and residential assistance to the dependents of military dham, the dependents of the ex -servicemen, the dependents of the sacrificed soldiers are an important part of the status budget. The eye on the system and Lok Sabha elections is in the unnecessary position in Uttarakhand since 2014 in Uttarakhand since 2014. . The BJP has won all the five seats in two consecutive Lok Sabha elections, so the party has continued this strong performance in two assembly elections. Now in the near future, the Dhami government has to struggle with two election challenges.
The first of these is the municipal elections, which will be at the end of the next year. The BJP was topping the last civic elections. The BJP won the posts of most municipal corporations. The party would like to repeat this demonstration in the upcoming civic elections as well. The real fire test of the Dhami government will be in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. The hat -trick of victory in all the five seats will be a question related to reputation for Chief Minister Dhami. In his first budget as Chief Minister, Dhami has also intention to maintain the unrealistic position of the party in these two elections in the origin of the way Dhami has displayed something for every section of the society.

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