Five kg ‘Chhotu’ cylinder can be purchased without connection

In the capital, Dehradun, students and employed people who come to study and work from other areas will no longer need to get a new LPG connection. For this, the oil company has decided to give Chhotu cylinder (five kg) released last month. Under this, ‘Chhotu’ cylinders will be provided at groceries near the college and hostels.

The oil company has instructed all gas agencies to implement this scheme effectively. The city’s gas agency has also started action. At the agency level, shopkeepers are being informed about the scheme near the college and hostel.

The list of shoppers wishing to join the scheme is being prepared. Gas cylinders have also been provided to many shopkeepers. The central government launched the Chhotu gas cylinder last month. In this shopkeepers have also been allowed to sell short cylinders.

Make rules even simpler
There is usually a long formality for taking a domestic connection, but the rules for short cylinders have been made extremely simple. Only Aadhar card or other photo ID has to be shown for taking the connection. A person can also take more than one cylinder.

Prohibition on holding more than 20 cylinders
A shop should not exceed a maximum of 100 kg of gas. That is, it should not be more than 20 cylinders (five kg). This condition has been implemented from the security point of view.

Small cylinder is a good deal
IOC officials said a five-kg cylinder would eliminate illegal refilling of gas. Its price will also be less. On an average Rs 100 per kg goes to the market for refilling. Whereas for gas in Chhotu cylinders, only 411 rupees have to be paid. Rs 944 (Rs 800 and 18 percent GST) will have to be paid for the cylinder. Officials said that cylinders sold illegally prove dangerous from a security point of view. At the same time, special testing is done by the company of Chhotu Cylinder.

In the initial phase, emphasis is being laid on providing ‘Chhotu’ cylinders to the students. Students face a lot of difficulty in getting a gas connection. Short cylinder will be found easily. This will provide great relief to the students as well as the employed people.
Chaman Lal, President, All India LPG Distributors Association

Five kilogram short cylinders can be taken only by showing the identity card. The agency has been instructed to give priority to students. Agencies are increasingly connecting shopkeepers to the scheme. Good results have started to be seen.
-Prabhat Kumar Verma, Area Chief Manager, IOC

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