Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said a big thing on those opposing Uniform Civil Code, gave advice

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, who reached Gandhinagar to attend the swearing-in ceremony of the newly appointed Chief Minister of Gujarat, gave a stern advice to those opposing the Uniform Civil Code.
Dhami said that the country is governed by the Constitution and the law. It is not a puppet in the hands of a handful of so-called contractors, nor will it be allowed to become so. Uniform civil code is in favor of the society and our government will implement it at all costs.

Fear of losing your contract:
Talking to the media, the Chief Minister said that only those who are afraid of losing their contracts are opposing it. These are the same people who kept women in shackles of male mentality for centuries.
The BJP freed lakhs of helpless sisters from the shackles. Soon the Uttarakhand government will break the shackles of another restriction. We strengthen the society and the public, not the so-called contractors.
Chief Minister Dhami said that in order to maintain mutual harmony and brotherhood in the society, while the Uttarakhand government has made the conversion law stricter, it is our priority to implement the Uniform Civil Code keeping in mind the interests of the state.

Amendments and suggestions should be given in the currently prevailing law:
The government has taken a step forward by forming a committee to implement the Uniform Civil Code. The responsibilities of the committee are to draft relevant laws governing the personal civil affairs of all citizens residing in the state.
Amendments and suggestions should be given in the currently prevailing law. Along with this, a draft should be made to bring uniformity in the prevailing laws regarding marriage and divorce in the state. Uniformity should be brought in the existing laws regarding inheritance, adoption and maintenance and protection along with uniformity in the existing laws regarding property rights and inheritance.

Will be imprisoned for two to seven years and will be fined 25 thousand:
On forced conversion, he said that the government’s stand regarding this is clear that acts of tampering with mutual brotherhood in Devbhoomi will not be tolerated at all. The government has considered forced conversion as cognizable and non-bailable. Those who do this will be jailed for two to seven years and fined Rs 25,000.
On the other hand, on the conversion of minor women, SC, ST, the punishment has been increased from two to 10 years. In order to curb mass conversion in Devbhoomi, a provision has been made for punishment ranging from three to 10 years and a fine of Rs 50,000. The victims will be reimbursed Rs five lakh through the court.

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