Eye on CM Tirath’s by-election.

The victory in the Salt Assembly by-election in Uttarakhand is nothing short of a big relief for Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat. With the ruling BJP in the state, this by-election was seen to be associated with the reputation of the Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister’s camp is undoubtedly excited by the BJP’s success in this semi-final of the 2022 assembly elections. But the truth is that with this by-election, all eyes are now on the election of the Chief Minister. According to Election Commission sources, the chief minister has to take the electoral examination in six months.

Therefore, after the Salt Fatah, the question is floating in political circles, from which seat will the Chief Minister contest the election? Currently the Gangotri Assembly seat is vacant, but will the Chief Minister contest the Gangotri seat. However, after he became the Chief Minister, many MLAs have offered their seats. But before this political examination, the Chief Minister faces many more challenges.

Overcoming growing corona infection:
Corona cases are increasing continuously in the state. Till Monday, active cases of Covid have reached 55436 in the state. The challenge before the government is to prevent corona infection.

Lockdown Pressure:
The lockdown pressure is on the Uttarakhand government to break the corona transition. The government currently has a three-day lockdown in high-impact areas of the Corona infection. But after the recommendation of the central agency, now the pressure is also on the states.

Raising health facilities in villages:
Corona infection has also started infiltrating into the mountainous regions of Uttarakhand. Now cases of corona are increasing in the villages. If there is a lockdown situation in the states, then migrants can move to Uttarakhand. In such a situation, there is a big challenge to raise health facilities in rural areas.

To meet the target of vaccination also:
Along with reducing the pressure of corona infection, the government has to continue the campaign of vaccination. Vaccination of people above the age of 45 years is going on in the state. The government also has to vaccinate people between 18 and 45 years of age. This entire operation will depend on the availability of the vaccine on time.

Challenge of running a fiscal:
To overcome these many challenges, the challenge of running the government is also in front of the government. Government officials are afraid of going to the office as the infection increases. They are demanding to limit the number of employees in offices or make concrete arrangements to prevent Covid-19 at the workplace.

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