Chief Secretary Dr. ss Sandhu reviewed the Energy Department at the Secretariat on Monday.

Chief Secretary Dr. ss Sandhu reviewed the Energy Department at the Secretariat on Monday. The Chief Secretary directed the officers to make continuous efforts to reduce power theft and power line loss. A study needs to be done on the feasibility of the hydro project by the Chief Secretary. He said that the department should make continuous efforts for providing better electricity system to the citizens living in remote areas of the state.

Giving information about the important decisions, works and important works, achievements and reforms being carried out by the three energy corporations and UREDA in the field of energy in the state, Secretary Energy Smt. And to increase the efficiency of the officers, evaluation system has been made on the basis of Key Performance Index (KPI). He said that Uttarakhand has secured first place in the country in providing renewable energy and electricity to all. Work is being done on LED Village Light Scheme.
Secretary Energy informed that in the last four years, various measures have been taken by the Corporation to increase the revenue growth. Under this, Urjagiri campaign is being run successfully to discourage theft of electricity. Along with this, 4 percent increase in billing efficiency has been achieved and AT&C losses have also been reduced in the year 2020-21. He said that the transmission loss was 1.39 percent in 2017-18 which is 1.11 percent in the year 2020-21.
Secretary Energy informed that under Saubhagya scheme 1,64,390 households have been electrified, which includes 5271 through solar power. The new 40 seater call centers are continuously working for 24×7 consumer feedback. He informed that targets have been set for the construction of 129.50 MW of various hydro power projects, work of undergrounding power lines and construction of substations as well as completion of smart metering works.
On this occasion Managing Director and UPCL Dr. Neeraj Khairwal and other senior officers were present.

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