For the first time in Uttarakhand, churpi being prepared from milk will make the health of domesticated dogs.

Uttarakhand is the first state in the country to prepare milk-to-skin (pet food) in the cooperative sector. The price of churpi in the market is up to Rs 750 per kg. This will increase the income of thousands of milk producers of the state.

Churpi was first introduced in neighboring Nepal. After this, some people in Darjeeling started making Churpi. For the first time the dairy development department in Pradesh has started production of churpi as pet food in the cooperative sector.
Churpi has been started in the growth centers of Lakhamandal, Sumari, Jakhola and Kamedi. Churpi prepared from these growth centers are being sold to a Bangalore-based company. The department estimates that more than five thousand milk producers associated with milk societies will benefit from making churpi.

This is how churpi is made:
The way paneer is made from milk, churpi is also prepared. But the moisture content in the khurpi is made out completely and hardened. Small pieces are prepared and dried after drying for 28 days. It has 60 percent protein content.

No state is yet producing churpis in the cooperative sector in any state. Uttarakhand is the first state in the country to make churpis from milk as pet food. This scheme will strengthen the economy of milk producers, especially those in remote villages of the hilly regions, who are unable to reach the milk market.
– Dr. Jaydeep Arora, Joint Director, Department of Milk Development

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