Kumbh Exclusive: Many closed works were completed before Kumbh Mela.

Thousands of trees and hundreds of electric poles to remove, the land of various departments including Uttar Pradesh, and then a lockdown. Despite many such obstacles, the irrigation section Roorkee has presented a plan for almost a month before the Haridwar Kumbh by widening Gangahar’s track and nearly completing the construction of the paved road. The closed road in Roorkee has been opened for almost a month. Two-wheeler and four-wheelers are now filling the Gangahar track. Due to this, the pressure of vehicles on the highway has also come down.

About a year ago, the irrigation section Roorkee started the widening of the 35 km long Gangahar Kawand track from Narsan border to Jatwara bridge Dhanori. Meanwhile, due to the lockdown, work had to be stopped for about three months. The department overcame many hurdles as a challenge to complete the work before Kumbh. 1180 trees standing here were to be harvested. After this, the soil had to be leveled by uprooting the roots.

Where there was a roadside ditch, it had to be bridged and asphalt. 350 electric poles were also to be shifted. For this, long formalities were completed from the Energy Corporation. Many formalities were also completed from Muzaffarnagar, Deoband division due to the land being under the jurisdiction of UP. Now the journey has become pleasant due to the chopping of the Kandar track from Narsan border to Roorkee and beyond to Dhanori. Now work of only six km is going on near Jatwara bridge. Officials say it will also be completed before December 15.

The budget was released in two phases:
An e-tender was issued from the irrigation section Roorkee for the width of 35 km long Kawand track from Narsan border to Jatwara bridge of Dhanori. Under the budget released in two phases, an amount of 18.1 crore was sanctioned in the first phase for widening and 38.06 crore in the second phase for road construction.

Hopefully! Similar roads should also be built within the city:
After the widening of the Gangahar track, vehicles are filling up on the butter road. This gives happiness to the people of the city. Seeing the swollen road, people are saying that similar roads should be built within the city as well. Merchant leader Naveen Gulati says that the roads in the city are built for food. Only after a few months the gravel starts to crumble, pits are formed from place to place. The way the road of Kanwar has been constructed, the road building departments in the city should learn from it.

Nine external companies applied during the e-tender. The departmental engineers have worked hard throughout the day for the quality of work. Efforts have been made to ensure that there is no loss in quality. Jatwara bridge in Dhanori has six km of work left, it will also be completed in ten days. After completing construction work in Roorkee, the road has been opened for movement.
-Atar Singh, Executive Engineer, Irrigation Division Roorkee

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