The loss of revenue of lakhs of rupees to the government due to the closure of the canteen in Corbett Park.

Local people are also deprived of employment. For tourists coming to Corbett Park, there was a provision of canteens in the first tourist zone. These canteens were in Dhikala, Garral, Bijrani, Jhirna, Dhela zones. There was a tea-breakfast arrangement at these places for tourists. The Corbett administration used to give this canteen to the locals for running for one or two years every year through tender. The government used to earn an annual income of Rs 50 lakh from this. People used to get employment by running canteens.

But suddenly the former Corbett officials closed the canteen. These canteens have been closed for the last ten years. Now these canteens have been given to the Kumaon Mandal Development Corporation to operate. On October 1, people from CM Trivendra Singh Rawat, who came to Ramnagar, also demanded to start the canteen. CM had sought information from Park Director Rahul about this. He said that the government will get revenue from the start of the canteen. Meanwhile, Corbett Park warden RK Tiwari said that no decision has been taken regarding the canteen. A decision will be taken soon.

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