CM Dhami went out among the public on foot without any Lashkar.

One after the other big decisions of CM Pushkar Singh Dhami, while on one hand his image is being seen as an efficient administrator, on the other hand, during the frequent visits of the Chief Minister to the hilly areas, he interacted with the general public with simplicity, his affability, Shows sensitivity and simplicity.
CM Dhami is the first such CM of the state who calls himself Chief Sevak instead of Chief Minister. Whenever he goes on tours in the districts, he is present among the public at all times without following the protocol of Lashkar. Wherever the young Chief Minister Dhami gets a chance, he directly communicates with the public and takes feedback on the work.

The latest case is related to Chief Minister Dhami’s visit to Bageshwar. Chief Minister Dhami, during his visit to Garud area on Sunday morning, accepted the greetings of the people with a very simple and easy nature and reached them. Seeing Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami without any convoy, the general public could not understand that the chief of his state himself had come on foot in the morning. This is not the first time when CM Dhami has reached the public alone early in the morning, often during the tour of hill districts, where Chief Minister Dhami stays, he goes out on morning walk in the morning. During this, he meets people on the way, inquires about their condition and also takes feedback. With this unique style, he is getting appreciation from the local people.

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