Cold wave is likely to occur in the plains of Uttarakhand on Wednesday.

The Meteorological Center has issued a cold day warning in Haridwar and Udham Singh Nagar. At the same time, the weather in Dehradun is expected to be normal.

According to the weather center, there may be very dense fog shade in the plains. Dehradun is expected to have a maximum temperature of 19 and a minimum of 7 degrees Celsius. It was sunny all day on Tuesday. Maximum 19.5 and minimum 8.8 degree Celsius were recorded.

Cold increases due to fog throughout the day:
The weather is turning on the day. Fog is enveloped on Tuesday after one day of sunshine. The maximum and minimum temperatures also declined and people remained distressed by the cold. Today it is expected to receive light rain along with fog and cloud cover.

On Monday, the sky had cleared after ten o’clock in the morning after being cloudy. People got great relief from the sunshine throughout the day. On Monday, the maximum temperature was recorded at 19 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature was 4.4, but on Tuesday, the fog was covered since morning. Due to not getting sunlight throughout the day, people had to resort to bonfire. Cold winds in the evening made people more upset. As soon as evening fell, the silence fell on the streets.

More than five feet of snow frozen in the Kedarnath temple complex:
More than five feet of snow is frozen in the Kedarnath temple complex. The entire area, including the temple complex in Kedarnath to Bhairav ‚Äč‚ÄčNath Temple, Dhyan Cave, is snow-capped. All roads and reconstruction sites are also covered with snow. The police team deployed in Bhimbali this week could not even inspect Kedarnath due to heavy snowfall on foot.

Here, Superintendent of Police Navneet Singh Bhullar said that the team was told that from Bhimbali to Kedarnath five to six feet of snow has accumulated. Here, DM Manuj Goyal said that if the weather is good, then on Saturday or Sunday, a visit to Kedarnath will be made with the police, so that the situation can be known there.

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