Wednesday was the coldest day in Haridwar.

In Haridwar, due to the sudden change of weather, there was a freezing cold from the city to the countryside on Wednesday. On Wednesday evening, hundreds of plants were burnt due to fire in the pine forests just in front of Narayanbagad market.

Fog and cold wave in Haridwar made it difficult for people to get out of their homes. The maximum and minimum mercury suddenly came down. The minimum mercury was recorded at one degree Celsius. According to the Meteorological Department, Wednesday was the coldest day of the season. On January 27, the mercury also recorded a record of the last two decades of decline.

Fog had started filtering since Tuesday night. The fog became more dense on Wednesday morning. At the distance of the Ganges and the countryside, nothing was visible at a short distance. Due to this, the drivers on the highway faced difficulty. In the morning, very few people were moving on the highway and the inner streets of the city.

Fog continued till noon. Due to not getting sunlight throughout the day, there was a feeling of melting in hands and feet. People were imprisoned in the houses due to fog and winds in the evening. In the morning and evening, people were seen burning bonfire to avoid cold.

According to Meteorological Department’s Ritu Alokshala Research Supervisor Narendra Rawat, the maximum temperature on Wednesday was 12 degrees and the minimum was one degree Celsius. The cold was more than the maximum mercury fell. Narendra Rawat claimed that January 27 was the lowest temperature in the last twenty years.

Forest fire in Narayanbagad:
Hundreds of plants were burnt due to fire in the pine forests just in front of Narayanbagad market on Wednesday evening. Due to nightfall, no fire-fighting operation has been started. Dharam Singh, Narayanadatta, Prem Singh, Suraj Singh, Sanjay Kandari, Jaybir Singh said that the fire in the forest is continuously increasing.

Frequent fire incidents are being carried out in the forests by anti-social elements in the area. Hundreds of hectares have been burned in forest fires since last months in the cold season. In the Tharali area also, about 90 percent of the pine forests have burnt in December and January.

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