Concern over migration in budget bundle, many admissions made to prevention

The concern of the continuous migration from the villages of Uttarakhand with odd geographical conditions is also reflected in the first full budget of the Dhami government. It focuses on expanding basic facilities in villages and creating opportunities for self -employment, so the emphasis has also been given to encourage reverse migration.
Livelihood development, promoting local products, better internet connectivity in villages have been given importance to connect with many other schemes. However, the funds for these schemes are relatively low. It is believed that the government will increase it in future.

Exodus came out as a major problem:
Migration in Uttarakhand has emerged as a major problem. The report of the Exodus Commission states that 1.18 lakh persons from more than six thousand villages have migrated permanently. There are 1702 villages which have become completely deserted. Not only this, there are also a large number of villages in which the population has remained to be counted in fingers. The order of migration is more than the villages of the mountainous region. According to the report of the Commission, due to lack of basic facilities and employment opportunities, people are migrating from the villages here under compulsion.
The budget of the Dhami government not only shows the pain of migration, but it has been expressed to hold it with strong will. The government has tried to show that the villages are the centers of our power and inspiration and it will not allow any shortage in its efforts to return their prosperity. In such a situation, there is hope that now the prevention of migration from the state will be effectively taken steps and people who have left the roots will return. It is obvious that this will return the beauty of the villages.

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