310 m long road protection gallery to be built on Gangotri highway

The construction of the Road Protection Gallery has started in the landslide which has been built for Gangotri Highway at Badathi Chungi. If all goes well, within one year the safe movement of vehicles will start from the middle of the 310 meter long gallery here on Gangotri Highway.

If the first such experiment is successful on the Gangotri highway, this technology will be used in other landslide parts as well. Traffic remains risky here due to active landslides near Badeethi Chungi.

Treatment of slopes was also done along with road widening and motor bridge construction at a cost of Rs 28 crores, but if this treatment is not completely successful, now the Road Protection Gallery is being constructed here under the All Weather Road Project.

The hill slopes will also be treated:
The construction of a 310 meter long, 10 meter wide and 11 meter high gallery has been started by Sai GR Impex Private Limited Company of Noida at a cost of Rs 28.3 crore. The hill slopes will also be treated in this. RCC structure will be prepared on both sides of the road by placing pillars on it.

Road Protection Gallery is being constructed on the lines of Avalanch Control Gallery at Badathi Chungi. Its technology and design is made from a French company. This is the first such experiment on the Gangotri highway. This gallery will be ready within a year.
-Lay Col. Deepak Patil, General Manager, NHIDCL.

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