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If you have any question or know any suspicious site and want to report it then you can contact us by sending mail to And, also you can ask about any suspicious site by dropping comment below.

However, We request you use comment section below instead of sending email, Because if you will share about suspicious website in comment section, Then other online user of our website also will get help through your comment.

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  1. hi ..i want today to order a item for kids by online from and after i made the transaction i observed that in my email was appear a list with a lots of items wich i never i do not knew what can i do ..i try to call the customer service to my card to inform to stop the transactions .. i hope will be ok ..but my oppinion is that is scam

  2. Apakah link dan membayar atau tidak, mohon bantuannya, saya sii curiga tidak membayar, karena tugas yang dilakukan sangatlah mudah

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  4. Hey i need any of you guyz contact me as soon as possible about the unfair review. I work on that website from the beginning with tears and blood. 18 hours in a day is our avarage work hours, i put too much effor on that website. our sales going down because of this crap. Contact me as soon as possible but as i see here all you post is bad review on this website. Interesting:)

  5. I ordered a pair of black sandals Order #SK6304 on May 11,2020 and have never received them. I has now been well over a month since I placed the order. Should I have my credit card purchase cancelled and request my money back or will you be sending them to me. You are the only company that I have ever ordered from that has not sent the item. I am very unhappy about this.

    Please contact me as soon as possible as to the status of my order.

  6. I put in the wrong address could you please shipped my order again, Patti Larson 1442 Summit Oaks Dr W Jacksonville Fl 32221

  7. I do not know who stronghold is, I did not request anything form them. I want them to stop, cancel any and all debits from my account.

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