The world famous Corbett National Park is famous in terms of biodiversity.

In addition to sal, rosewood, teak, cedar, pine, many types of giant tree forests will be seen. However, the most favorable for wildlife in Corbett is the berries of the berries. Flocks of monkeys, langurs, sambars, cheetahs are abundant in the jungle forests in the month of July, August. Apart from these, Gajraj is also seen in abundance. Due to the large number of elephants in the forest of berries, tourists are forbidden to go there.

In jungle jugs, elephants are seen breaking the branches of berries and tasting their fruits along with leaves. Due to this forest being situated in the humid places along the river, elephants here not only rest in the summer under the berries of berries but also fill their stomachs with them. Tourists visiting Corbett do not know much about the berries. But for botanical research students, it is definitely a matter of curiosity to find berries in one place.

The survey was conducted between 2004 and 2008:
According to Afiullah Khan in the survey report of the Wildlife Institute of India and the Ministry of Forests and Environment, between 2004 and 2008, Corbett has nine types of forest wealth in which berries are shown as riverine forest. Also, according to a report by Corbett Tiger Reserve’s former field biologist Zara Kidwai in the Asian General of Conservation Biology, Corbet Park has the third highest number of berries after Sal and Rohini.

Jamun forests of nature:
According to wildlife expert AG Ansari, the dense forest of berries in different groups is a gift of nature in Corbett Park. These berries are very helpful in filling the stomachs of vegetarian wildlife. Retired Park Warden Satish Chandra Upadhyay explains that between Dhikala, Durga Devi, Pater Pani and Jamunagwad of Corbett, in addition to the Rigora area across the Ramganga River, there is also a forest of berries in Bijrani, Sona River Range. Rahul, the director of Corbett Tiger Reserve, said that there are berries in one or several parts of Corbett Park. Who act as fodder for wildlife. All these are completely safe in the jungle park.

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