The corona vaccination campaign continues in Uttarakhand on the third day i.e. on Tuesday.

On the second day, Covid vaccination campaign was successful in the state.
On Monday, 1961 out of 3037 health workers were vaccinated at 34 booths. 64.57 percent of the health workers were vaccinated. Compared to the first day, the number of health workers who got the vaccine was less.

The Central Government has received 1.13 lakh coviciled vaccines from Serum Institute of India. In the first phase, two thousand doses of vaccine will be given to 50,000 health workers. However, 87588 health workers are to be vaccinated in the state.

Secretary Health Amit Singh Negi says that the vaccination campaign is progressing smoothly. So far no complaints have been received about the serious impact of applying the vaccine from any booth in the state. The vaccine is completely safe. There is no need to panic.

247 corona vaccine in four centers
On Monday, 247 health workers were vaccinated with the corona vaccine at four centers in Haridwar district. The Health Department uploaded the 377 data Kovin portal for vaccination. Due to technical problem and duplication in Kovin portal in Roorkee, only 30 people were vaccinated.

The four centers of the district underwent second phase of Covid vaccination. A maximum of 76 health workers were vaccinated at the Vaccination Center at Rishikul Ayurvedic Hospital. This was followed by 72 vaccinations at CHC Narsan, 69 at PHC Roshanabad and 30 at Roorkee.

One nurse in Roorkee, one each in Roshanabad and Rishikul, felt uneasy after vaccination. After a while all three became normal. Dr. Ajay Kumar, Nodal of ACMO and Vaccination Campaign, told that 377 people were to be vaccinated. But there was a technical problem in Covid portal in Roorkee. 19 employees who had already been vaccinated were duplicated. There was a server problem in the portal. That’s why only 30 people got vaccinated.

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