The practice of corona vaccination has been successful in 132 hospitals and health centers in 13 districts of Uttarakhand.

Out of 3160 health workers selected for vaccination in the rehearsal, 2720 were vaccinated. In which 116 adverse effects of the vaccine were recorded. In view of the problem of internet connectivity, vaccination was conducted offline at three places.

According to the guidelines issued by the central government, 86 percent corona vaccination was done on Friday during rehearsal in 13 districts of the state. Vaccination was tested through rehearsal in 11-11 medical centers in Dehradun and Pauri district and 10-10 medical units in other districts. In which health department has got success.

State nodal officer and NHM mission director Sonika said that 2720 health workers were vaccinated during rehearsal in 132 medical units across the state. It also recorded adverse effects after applying the vaccine to 116, so that adverse effects could be dealt with during corona vaccination. At the same time, given the problem of internet connectivity, the dry run of offline vaccination at three places has also been successful. Vaccination rehearsal was monitored throughout the state under the leadership of Dr. Abhishek Tripathi, Chief Operating Officer from the State Kovid Control Room.

2118 vaccinators and 402 observers will be posted in the state
NHM Director Dr. Saroj Naithani said that a rehearsal is being done by the government to make the Corona vaccine available to the people. In the first phase, data of 94 thousand health workers has been prepared. Which includes employees of 2804 government and 2149 private hospitals. Corona vaccination will be done at 9708 locations across the state. For this, 2118 vaccinators and 402 observers will be deployed. An action plan has been prepared for this.
Relief: Corona’s new strain not found in Uttarakhand
Uttarakhand has got a big relief with the new strain of Corona virus. Samples of six infected returned from the UK sent to the National Institute of Virology Pune (NIV) for genome sequencing have been found. In which a new strain of corona virus has not been found. The report of two samples is yet to come.

Recently eight people returned from Britain were found corona infected. Six were found in Dehradun, one each in Udham Singh Nagar and Nainital district.

Eight samples from the Department of Health were sent to the National Institute of Virology, Pune, to investigate the new strain of the corona virus. Samples have been reported from NIV for about a week. In which six new corona strains have not been found. The report of two samples is yet to come.

Dr. Abhishek Tripathi, Chief Operating Officer of the State Covid Control Room, has confirmed the receipt of samples from NIV. He said that a new strain of Corona has not been found in six samples.
Beds reserved for new Corona strain patients
Vigilance is also being exercised in Uttarakhand after being traced in the country of Corona’s new strain spreading from Britain. In view of this, 30 beds General and 10 beds ICU wards have been reserved separately in Government Doon Medical College Hospital.

The Government Doon Medical College Hospital has been completely dedicated to Covid-19 patients. Uttarakhand Health Department is on alert as the new strain of corona infection increases.

Dr. MS Khatri, deputy MS of Doon Hospital and State Coordinator of Corona, said that in the general ward, beds of 15 male and 15 female patients have been reserved in view of potential patients infected with the UK. Apart from this, a 10-bed ICU ward has also been reserved. However, till now Corona patients of the strain from Britain have not been found in Doon and no such patient has reached the hospital.

Doon Hospital ready for side effects

With the introduction of vaccination of Covid-19, preparations are also being made to deal with any kind of side effects. In view of this, the State Government has also decided to prepare Government Doon Medical Hospital as a Tursary Care Center for the patients of Garhwal Division.

After applying the corona vaccine, if any patient has any kind of side effects, then the Doon Hospital administration has been asked to be prompt for its treatment. The preparations for this are being finalized. Dr. NS Khatri has confirmed the government’s decision to make Doon Hospital a Corona Vaccination Tursory Care Center.
Message on mobile, you need to apply Corona vaccine
On Friday, amidst the horror of the new Corona infection spreading from Covid-19 and Britain, the Dunawans received a relaxed news. Frontline health workers fighting Corona received a message on mobile asking them to apply the vaccine to escape from Corona. Even though it was a rehearsal of the corona vaccination, he was relieved by this message somewhere.

On Friday, a dry run (rehearsal) was conducted at 11 health centers in the district before vaccination for rescue from Covid-19. Dry run started at 9 am at all centers. For this, people reached at health centers were verified through trial portal. After this, the vaccination was sent to Officer-2. From here, the beneficiary was sent to the vaccination room. From where the beneficiary was vaccinated and sat for half an hour for observation. After that there was no rehearsal and he was sent home.

240 people attended the rehearsal
11 centers were built in the district. In each center, 25 beneficiaries were selected for the dry run of vaccination. The district was then marked for vaccination of 275 beneficiaries, of which a total of 240 beneficiaries reached the vaccination site. The first dose of vaccine was given to all the beneficiaries. Confirmation of vaccination through SMS and the date of next vaccine was also given. Booth supervisors and monitors inspected all session sites to successfully conduct a dry run.

These are centers built for dry run
– AIIMS Rishikesh
– Coronation Hospital
– PHC Urban Cargi
– CHC Vikasnagar
– PHC Kalsi
– PHC Selakui
– Max Hospital
– Synergy Hospital
– Kailash Hospital
– Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital
– Himalayan Hospital Jollygrant

Here it is
At 9 am in the Coronation Hospital, the vaccination process started. After this, as soon as an employee started checking records on the portal, the records could not be checked due to lack of internet. Due to non-response, employees continued to search the internet in the session site. Meanwhile, after about half an hour when the internet ran for some time, it was repaired. After some time, the server was down for a while. After around 1.30 pm, the server became normal and then the entire process was carried out here.

There was a lot of learning to be done during the dry run, which will be incorporated during the upcoming Covid vaccination. Like the work of prevention of Covid-19 with mutual coordination of Health and other departments. This is expected to succeed on the Covid-19.
– Dr. Anoop Kumar Dimri, CMO, Dehradun

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