During the Corona period in Uttarakhand, consumers have suffered a setback due to the cost of electricity.

The Uttarakhand Electricity Regulatory Commission released the new rates on Monday. Under this, BPL and consumers spending up to 100 units have been given relief from the increase in electricity rates. Consumers above 101 units will have to pay more per unit as well as fix charge. The increased rates have been implemented with effect from April 1, 2021.

On Monday, in the Regulatory Commission Office, the Acting Chairman and Member of the Commission, Law DP Garola, Member Technical MK Jain, Secretary Neeraj Sati, Director Finance and Tariff Deepak Pandey, Director Technical Prabhat Dimri, Director of UPCL, UJVNL, Pitkul and SLDC for the financial year 2021-22 Tariff information released.

He said that during the Covid period, 5 lakh BPL consumers of the state, consumers of snow-fed areas, consumers who spend up to 100 units per month have been exempted from any kind of increase. Neither any increase has been made per unit nor any change in the fix charge. Other categories have been changed. Overall there has been an increase of 3.54 percent.

Discount will be given for timely payment:
The Regulatory Commission has also made a provision for exemption on payment of electricity bill on time. Under this, the consumer who will pay the electricity bill online within 10 days of arrival, will be given a rebate of 1.25 percent in the entire bill. The consumer who will pay cash will be given a special discount of 0.75 per cent.

For domestic consumers:
Unit Category – First / Rs per unit – Now / Rs per unit
0-100 units – Rs 2.80 – Rs 2.80
101-200 units- Rs 3.75 – Rs 4.00
201-400 Unit – Rs 5.15 – Rs 5.50
Above 400 units – Rs 5.90 – Rs 6.25

Government Educational Institutes, Hospitals:
Unit Category – First / Rs per unit – Now / Rs per unit
Upto 25 KW – Rs 4.60 – Rs 4.65
Above 25 KW – Rs 4.35 – Rs 4.40

Other home users:
Four kilowatts, 50 units per month – Rs 4.70 – Rs 4.70
Upto 25 KW – Rs 5.75 – Rs 5.80
Above 25 KW – Rs 5.60 – Rs 5.80
Single Point Supply 75 KW – Rs 5.65 – Rs 5.75
Expensive for private tubewells, no increase for cultivation:
The Regulatory Commission has increased the power rates for private tubewells from Rs 2.03 to Rs 2.08 per unit while there has been no increase for tubewells run in agricultural irrigation. Here only Rs 2.25 per unit will have to be paid.

There was also an increase in the fix charge:
Under the proposal of UPCL, the Regulatory Commission has also approved the change in the fix charge. Under this, no change has been made in the domestic category up to 100 units at present. Consumers in this category will have to pay a connection charge of Rs 60. Whereas up to 101-200 units, consumers will have to pay a fix charge of Rs 120 instead of the earlier Rs 95. Consumers up to 201-400 units will now have to pay a fixed charge of Rs 200 instead of 165. Consumers above 400 units will now have to pay a fixed charge of Rs 300 instead of Rs 260.

This change happened for LT industries:
There is no change in electricity rates for industries taking connections up to 25 kW in this category. Here, only Rs 4.60 per unit will have to be paid. The capacity was more than Rs.25.25 per unit at more than 25kW which has now been increased to Rs.4.30.

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