On the third day of Covid vaccination in Uttarakhand, 1882 health workers were vaccinated.

The number of vaccinated employees is steadily decreasing compared to the first day. In three days, 5.43 percent of the total target was vaccinated. Vaccination will not be done in the state on January 20.

The central government has set a target of getting the Covid vaccine to health workers in the first phase. Uttarakhand has received 1.13 lakh Kovishield vaccines. In which district wise beneficiary health workers have been given dose of vaccine. 112620 vaccines have been given to 13 districts. In this, 50 thousand health workers are to be vaccinated according to two doses.
On Tuesday, 1882 health workers Covid vaccine was installed in 34 booths of the state. This number is less than the first and second day. The way vaccination campaign is going ahead in the state. Accordingly, the number of employees to get the vaccine is not increasing. In three days, 6119 health workers have been vaccinated in the entire state. Which is 5.43 percent of the total target. The central government has fixed four days a week in Uttarakhand for vaccination. According to which the vaccine will not be applied on Wednesday.
State Vaccine:
District              collectors
Almora                        174
Bageshwar                   115
Chamoli                       152
Champawat                  139
Dehradun                     209
Haridwar                      200
Nainital                        190
Pauri                            140
Pithoragarh                   79
Rudraprayag                  83
Tehri                             78
US city                        208
Uttarkashi                   115
Total –                       1882

Three Day Status:
Day vaccination
16 January 2276
18 January 1961
19 January 1882
92500 kovshield vaccine to arrive on Wednesday, Dehradun to get maximum
Dehradun district will get the maximum out of 92500 covisheled vaccines that the central government is sending on Wednesday. Of these, 84560 vaccines will be given to health workers working between Covid. 2330 vaccines will be provided by Central Health Workers and 3100 Vaccines to Armed Forces Medical Services.

Which district will get how many vaccines:
District vaccine
Almora 5500
Bageshwar 3000
Chamoli 2,000
Dehradun 22,500
Haridwar 15,000
Nainital 9500
Pauri 6000
Pithoragarh 4500
Rudraprayag 2000
Tehri 6000
US city 8500
Uttarkashi 3500
Total 92500

No need to send messages on mobile to install Covid vaccine:
The Center has relaxed the standards slightly to speed up the Corona vaccination campaign. Health workers can now go to booths without getting any message, but the vaccine’s name and address must be in the vaccination data to get the vaccine. At the same time, employees who have not been able to get vaccinated on the due date due to holidays or any other reasons. They can get vaccinated by visiting booths the next day.

In the first phase, 87588 health workers are to be covered with Corona vaccine. The complete data of these employees has been uploaded on the Kovin portal. But the employees who got the vaccine vaccine are sending messages from the Kovin portal. After which there is a system of getting them vaccinated.

The Ministry of Health issued orders that the system of registration on the Kovin portal for vaccination will remain unchanged, but health workers can get the vaccine even without messages. Registration auto has to be generated on the Kovin portal before applying the vaccine. At the same time, the employees who were not able to get the vaccine after sending the message. They can go to booths the next day and get vaccinated. Till now, it was not decided when the number of employees who did not get the vaccine will come back again.

Guidelines were given from the center that health workers can get vaccinated even without messages, but the record of the employee should be in the vaccination data. Employees who are exempt from getting vaccinated for vacations or any other reasons. They too will be vaccinated the next day.
– Dr. Abhishek Tripathi, Chief Operating Officer, State Covid Control Room

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