Declaration of CM Dhami – Slavery symbols will be removed like UP, British name will be changed

Like Uttar Pradesh, now with the removal of the symbols of slavery in Uttarakhand, the British names of various cities, places, roads etc. will be changed.
Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said this while talking to the media before going to attend the ongoing Home Ministers’ meeting in Surajkund. He said that he got this inspiration from Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The UP government also started changing the name of the British:
Some time ago the Uttar Pradesh government also started changing the name of the British. Now steps are being taken in this direction in Uttarakhand also. The names of roads, places under Cantonment Councils along with various cities and areas in the state including Lansdowne, Mussoorie, Dehradun, Nainital, Ranikhet are British, in which no changes have been made yet, while their old or new nomenclature is a matter of time. – Has been getting up on time.
Recently Cantonment Board Lansdowne has passed a resolution to change the name of Lansdowne. Lord Lansdowne was the British Viceroy in India during the British rule and Kalondanda was named Lansdowne after him.
The names of many other places in Cantonment Nagar Lansdowne are British. Not only Lansdowne but in addition to other cantonment towns, Mussoorie, Dehradun, Nainital are also full of such names of roads, institutions and public places.
Now the names of such places, roads and public places will be changed. Chief Minister Dhami said that whatever are the symbols of slavery in the state, they will be removed. That is, now with the freedom from the British names, the old or new of the respective places will be kept.

Lansdowne’s name change is a good step to eradicate the identity of slavery:
At the same time, the Bharatiya Janata Party has welcomed the move taken by the army to change the name of Lansdowne. BJP State President Mahendra Bhatt said that this step of the Indian Army to change the British names of its institutions to their real identity names is a part of the campaign to defeat the slave mentality of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

BJP a party running on the principles of cultural nationalism:
The BJP state president issued a statement saying that BJP is a party running on the principles of cultural nationalism. He is with him in every step to increase the moral morale and self-respect of the state and the countrymen. He expressed hope that this proposal for change of name, sent by Lansdowne Cantonment officials according to military plan and public sentiments, would be approved soon.

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