By the last quarter of next year, its Dehradun will become smart.

The Urban Development Department has prepared for this. While Smart City Limited has been instructed to expedite the work, the deadline for all the works has also been fixed.

The work to make Dehradun smart is being done within this stipulated time. According to Urban Development Minister Madan Kaushik, the aim is to bring most of the smart city works to the ground by the year 2021. According to Urban Development Secretary Shailesh Bagoli, smart city works are being done on priority basis.

What special tasks will happen:
30 electric buses will run: The operation of operating electric buses has started in the city. Under this, a bus has come to Dehradun. By the year 2030, 30 buses will start plying in Dehradun. For these buses, work is being done to build a charging station in the city.

Green Building: It is proposed to construct a green building by December 1, 2021 in the concrete complex at a cost of 187 crores. It will be a six-storeyed building with all district level offices. Its work is expected to start soon.

100 feet tricolor: The 100 feet tricolor at Dilaram Chowk will add glory to Doon. Tricolor work is in the final stages. For this, the date of December 19 has been fixed for this year.

Drainage Plan: Drainage work will be done from Racecourse Chowk to Bannu School Chowk and Saharanpur Chowk to Bhandaribagh Nalla. Its design has been completed. The construction will be completed by October 1 next year.

These tasks will also be:
Sewer Plan: Sewer work will be done at five major places in the city. Under this, from Ghantaghar to Darshani Gate in Paltan Bazaar, on three sides of the parade ground, from Darshan Lal Chowk to Gandhi Road to Saharanpur Chowk, via Tilak Road to Saharanpur Chowk, from Lunia Mohalla Mazar Gali to Saharanpur Chowk next year one September Work will be completed by This will eliminate the problem of overflow in rain.

Smart poles: Over ten kilometers of OFC cable, 70 poles of 30 meters height and 60 poles of 12 meters height will be installed. WiFi Point 30, CCTV 20, Smart LED 60 will be installed. Their work is going on fast.

Modern Doon Library: This library is being built in front of Lansdon Chowk. Its work is to be completed by 15 November next year. This state-of-the-art library will have a reading facility of 500 students. There will be a Kid Zone for young children. E-reading will also be arranged.

Smart Toilets: By September 7, 2024, smart toilets will be built at the Collectorate premises, Doon Hospital, Parade Ground, ISBT and Niranjanpur Sabzi Mandi in the city. Apart from this there will be many more important works including smart schools.

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