Despite two hours of storm water, 64 percent voting in Champawat by-election, counting of votes on June 3

There was a lot of enthusiasm among the voters regarding the voting in the Champawat assembly by-election. However, the previous record could not be broken due to two hours of rain and wind in the afternoon. Despite this, a total voter turnout of 64 percent was recorded. That is, a total of 61,576 voters exercised their franchise. On the other hand, the Congress candidate accused the BJP government of influencing the by-elections.

With the Chief Minister in the electoral fray, there was a lot of enthusiasm and hope among the voters regarding the by-election. Voting for the Champawat assembly by-election began at 7 am on Tuesday morning at 151 polling booths. The by-polls went off peacefully apart from minor glitches in EVM machines at some places. CM and BJP candidate Pushkar Singh Dhami took stock of more than ten polling stations of Tanakpur-Banbasa and motivated the voters to vote more and more.
16.09 per cent polling was recorded in two hours at 9 am. Which was much higher than the last election. As the sun started shining, people started coming out of their homes to vote. After which suddenly the vote percentage started increasing. Voters started leaving their homes. After which suddenly the vote percentage started increasing. 33.85 per cent voters had cast their vote at 11 am. By 1 pm, the voter turnout was 45.49 per cent. After one o’clock there was heavy rain and torrential rains. Due to which the voters were imprisoned in their homes.
In these two hours, only 6 per cent voting was done. Till 3 pm, 51.83 per cent voter turnout was recorded. After the rain stopped in the last two hours, voters started reaching the polling booth. There were total 96213 voters in Champawat assembly. Out of which a total of 61, 576 voters cast their votes.

The security arrangements were chalked out for the polling. As a result, no error was reported anywhere. The entire election process has been completed peacefully. Till late night, 60 percent of the polling parties have deposited the EVMs in the upper floor of the municipality’s Rainbasera.
The counting of votes will be done on June 3 in the Van Panchayat auditorium. Till then EVM machines will be kept here with extra security. District Election Officer Champawat Narendra Bhandari said that the elections have been completed peacefully. Now EVM collection has started. There has been no error of any kind. The counting of votes will take place on June 3.

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