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There will be an entrance examination for DLED training in Uttarakhand today.

The board has completed all preparations for the examination. This examination is being conducted at 184 examination centers in the state. The examination centers of about three hundred candidates have been changed after their application.

Secretary of Uttarakhand School Education Council, Dr. Neeta Tiwari said that 40057 candidates will participate in the DLEd entrance examination to be held at 184 examination centers in the state. To make the exam successful, the Chief Education Officer will work in the role of Chief Controller at the district level. Arrangements have been made to follow the Kovid rules in each examination center.

Schools are fascinated by the budget:
The DLEd entrance exam will be held on Friday in 31 centers of Dehradun city. These include many non-government schools. Non-government schools have described the department’s budget of Rs 1400 as inadequate. Non-government schools say that the budget given by the department ended up in making only modest arrangements. Schools were forced to buy sanitizers and thermal scanners from their own pockets.

General Secretary of Uttaranchal Principal Council and Principal of Gandhi Inter College, Awadhesh Kumar Kaushik said that private schools are already struggling with financial constraints. In such a situation, there is more pressure on them by conducting the examination. Said that there are many expenses on cleaning, photocopying and other arrangements for the examination.

The modest budget given by the department ended up in these expenses. In this case, the teacher collected money and brought sanitizer and thermal scanner and other necessary equipment. Manju Rawat, principal of Nari Shilp Kanya Inter College, said that there was a shortage of sanitizers in the school. Classes have to be sanitized daily. The department is also not getting grant. In such a situation, teachers jointly bought sanitizer and thermal scanner for the DLAd exam.

Memorandum has also been sent to Education Minister and Director:
Uttaranchal Principal Council General Secretary Awadhesh Kumar Kaushal said that since the schools are open, private schools have not received any budget for sanitizer, equipment and other arrangements from the department. Management and other cooperation are running the system in some way. A memorandum has also been sent to Education Minister Arvind Pandey and Director.