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The e-voucher scheme being introduced by the central government for cattle rearers will start in Uttarakhand.

Dehradun and Haridwar districts have been selected as pilot projects. It is being told that the state has been selected due to the better work done in Uttarakhand in the field of artificial insemination. With this scheme, cattle rearers will get benefit of many government schemes. On January 5, a National Dairy Development Board and a central government delegation are coming to Uttarakhand on a three-day visit.

The e-voucher scheme is going to be implemented by the Central Animal Husbandry Department for the cattle rearers of the country. Under this, e-vouchers will be given to livestock owners. A certain amount of money will be put towards the central government in this. Animal husbandry will spend the treatment, vaccination, artificial insemination of animals through this e-voucher.

E-vouchers will also add several welfare schemes for livestock owners. Director of Uttarakhand Animal Husbandry Department, Dr. KK Joshi said that Uttarakhand has been selected to launch this scheme in the country.

The Center’s team will undertake a three-day tour from January 5 and will interact with farmers in both the districts and take feedback. After this, suggestions will be taken after meeting with the officials.

Only benefit to owners of animals with ear tags:
The special thing is that the e-voucher will be available only to the veterinarians who have put laser printed poly urethane ear tags in the ears of their animals. The Animal Husbandry Department has recently installed ear tags to about 2.5 lakh animals in Haridwar district. This year tag has a 12 digit bar code. All information related to the animal and its owner is obtained as soon as it is scanned.

The system will be transparent, irregularity will stop:
District Veterinary Officer Dr. Yogesh Bhardwaj informed that after receiving this voucher, the payment of animal related expenses will be online. This will not only make the entire system transparent but will prevent any irregularities. This will encourage online functioning. Also, systematic data related to animals will be with the department.