Investors showed interest after the economic shock from Covid.

Despite the economic setback due to Covid-19 epidemic, investors have shown interest in setting up industry in Uttarakhand. The government has received 904 proposals for investment of 3771 crore through a single window. In which more than 22 thousand people are expected to get employment.

Investors are being encouraged by the state government to increase industrial investment. This is the reason that despite the huge economic loss to the industries due to the Covid epidemic, investors have shown interest in investing in Uttarakhand.

In December 2020, the government has received 904 proposals through a single window. 3771 crore will be invested. It consists of 874 MSMEs and 30 large industry proposals. If these investments hit the ground, then 22 thousand people of the state can get employment in industries.

Assuming better place for investment
Investors are considering Uttarakhand as a better place for investment in other sectors including tourism, health and wellness, food processing. The government has a special focus on providing land for setting up industries, along with approving the proposal from single window.

Despite the Covid epidemic, there is a continuity of investment in Uttarakhand. The state has been ranked among the best in the country in the Center for Investment Promotion and Accessibility. Every effort is being made by the government to make investment easier. Efforts are being made to further improve the revenue to make the land available to the industry.
– Sudhir Chandra Nautiyal, Director Industries

The biggest need for big industries is for small vendors. Which acts as a feeder unit. The government should encourage small vendors in the state. The government gets additional revenue from setting up large industries. Government should give some percentage of this revenue to industries. So that they can bring small vendors with them.
– Vipul Davar, Vice President CII

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