Electricity supply will remain disrupted in this city of Uttarakhand for two days, Energy Corporation issued alert

Along with Pachhwadun, electricity supply in Jaunsar Bawar will also be affected for the next two days. Energy Corporation has said that on May 15 and 16, electricity supply will remain disrupted in Jaunsar-Bawar area from 10 am to 3 pm. Corporation officials said that the supply will be stopped during the repair and replacement of the main line going from the hydro power plant to the area. Executive Engineer Amit Saxena said that it has been decided to stop the supply for two days from 10 am to 3 pm for the work of replacement and repair of 33 KVA lines supplying various areas from the power house. He told that due to summer season, the residents of the area will have to face problems due to lack of electricity. But it was necessary to take this step for technical work.

Electricity supply will be affected at these places
He told that during this time, Udpalta, Samalta, Kanbua, Alsi, Sakni, Kota Tarli, Korwa, Pajitilani, Jissu, Gharana, Kwanu, Malith, Minas, Haja, Daseu, Gamri, Gabela, Kwanu, Bayla, Asoi and its surrounding areas of Sahiya. Area, there will be no electricity in Chakrata’s Mangrauli, Hodda, Lohari, Tiger Fall, Kwansi, Ramtal Garden, Makti-Pokhari, Matiyawa, Purori, Chilmiri, Chakrata, Tandwa, Buranswa. Apart from this, apart from Mehravana, Sahiya, Taplad, Kotwa etc., Savda, Tuna, Mangatad, Kunin, Sainj, Amrad, Jhabrad, Kharoda, Koti-Kanasar, Binson, Masak, Hadtar, Santad and Tuni connected to Tuni feeder are connected to Savda feeder. Electricity supply in Chandni, Lakhwad, Rajanu, Atal, Majog, Raigi, Kathang, Jitad, Banpur, Darmigad, Satnadhar, Chausar, Kathian, Kairad, Bastil, Binhar, Fadiz, Anu, Majog, Kathang, Banpur, Kathian, Hanol etc. 15 Will be affected till March 16.

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