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Footprints found on the steps of harki paidi became a topic of discussion.

The footprint found on the submerged stairs near Brahmakund at Harki Paidi in Haridwar remains a matter of discussion among the people. Everybody has a wave of people to see the footprint. The tirtha priests saw a figure on the stairs near Brahmakund in Harki Paidi on Thursday morning. When the Tirtha priests watched closely, a footprint emerged on the stairs steeped in the Ganges.

As soon as the news of footprints was visible to the bathing people and nearby people, a crowd began to gather at Harki Paidi. Many people also tried to remove the footprint by hand. But the status symbol remained the same. Shri Ganga Sabha General Minister Tanmaya Vasistha said that at present, the footprint is being investigated. He said that many times footprints are also made on Kai. But Harki Paadi is also a proven place. Therefore, only after a full investigation, the situation regarding the footprint will be cleared.