The forest department claimed to have recovered wood cut from the forest.

The team of Chakrata Forest Division has recovered wood from the trees cut from Room No.15 of Kalsi First Beat under River Range near Dhakowala village in Vikasnagar. The department has also stepped up efforts to arrest the woodcutters.

On Wednesday night, the wood smugglers had felled six trees of the year standing in the forest of Kalsi I beat, about 1.50 km from Chakrata headquarters. Departmental officials were stirred up after the tree was cut down. On Thursday evening, the team recovered the wood from Dhakowala in Vikasnagar. The wood was kept hidden on the banks of the canal near the village. However, sources say that the department has still not been able to recover the entire wood.

DFO Chakrata Forest Division Nitishmani Tripathi said that the wood has been recovered. The concerned SDO has been instructed to set up a team to arrest the people who have committed illegal dumping.

Departmental methodology in the circle of questions:
Kalsi. The recovery of trees cut from Vikasnagar from Room No-15 of Kalsi First Beat under the River Range raises questions over departmental functioning. The place where the trees were cut and from where the department recovered its publication. Jalalia barrier falls between them. In such a situation it is impossible to take the wood to Vikasnagar without passing the barrier. Due to this, the staff posted in the barrier is bound to be questioned. This is not the first time that wood has been brought across the barrier to be sold in the Vikasnagar area. In the past also, despite smuggling staff on the barrier many times, cases of wood smuggling have come up. DFO Nitishmani Tripathi says that the staff posted at the barriers will be instructed to be more vigilant.

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