Said Forest Minister Harak Singh: The Tiger Safari of Pakhars on Kandi Marg will not matter.

Uttarakhand Forest Minister Harak Singh Rawat says that Pakhari’s Tiger Safari will not make any difference on Kandi road construction. Both are separate projects. On Monday, Mukhtib Harak Singh told the media in the Assembly that the plan for Tiger Safari is about 150 crores.

This is the first tiger safari in the country, which is being made in a reserve park. This Tiger Safari of Corbett was announced by PM Modi himself in 2018. Harak said that controversy is being created about the Tiger Safari, which is not correct.
Harak said that an MLA from his constituency said that Tiger Safari will make a difference on Kandi Marg. Work on the first phase of Tiger Safari has also started. According to Harak, the state will benefit from becoming a tiger safari. Tiger Safari is a kind of commercial activity. If it is being built in the Reserve Forest, then it can be said that permission can also be sought for Kandi Road outside the forest area.

What is the issue:
Voices of protest arose about the Tiger Safari from Kotdwar, the Forest Minister’s constituency. Lansdowne BJP MLA Dilip Singh Rawat questioned the dream project of the forest minister. Dileep said that the Tiger Safari would raise questions on the Kandi route and that this route would not be made.

The Kandi road through the Reserve Forest is actually a forest road and the construction of this road is being talked about to connect Kotdwar and Kumaon. This road is also included in important projects of Harak Singh.

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